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Anesha - This Is War

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Now i just need to hear me up right now

I mean i know me he was real crazy right now

..so afr from everywhere

I’ve always at war with each other

And despite all of this i still love you

You put us through to some hard times

And you making me wanna leave you behind

Can’t believe what you did

You’d expect me before for tryin to forgive

Oh i tryin to look past what you say

But i struggle with leaving no stayin

Will this ever in or will always gonna fight

And never be friends

Pre Chorus:

All day in the day out will always have it out

And it feels like battle for me gotta love hate it

I’m ..between

It’s true we get love boy, but seems like we had enough

But my heart is telling me stay to our whole ..so walk away


Ooh we’re at war but is this war what’s fighting for

You stay ..my door but i’m holding on ‘cause boy i love you

Ohh this is war and i will fight it no more

‘cause you worth me fighting for

And i’m holding on ‘cause boy i lveo you ooh

I’m just tryin to show you i love you

And i’m really gonna work this out

But you just gotta understand why i’m coming from


We never agree about nothing

And we trustfully argue about something

I love you but this ain’t it easy as i thought how ..

Should we keep with this fighting each other

Or should we try to find this another

We end it for now but is the answer to give up throwing the town

[Pre Chorus:]


Boy this ..

Go in the war we’re taking hit

We living we learn

..this gotta fight when it’s worked it

Loving you, loving you , loving you ooh

My heart is still amazed where i wanna be

..yeah i’m falling for you baby and you know just where we’re going

Going to the front line for a fine you worth it

[2 x Chorus:]
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