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Benighted - Drowning

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Текст песни, слова, lyrics: Benighted - Drowning
They drown me into absolute black

All these silent and friendly bastards

Impatient to make me play their game

And feel me suffocate with anguish

My throat gets dry, lungs collapse

My chest explodes

Knelt down, I guess my hands are attached

Cause I cannot actually feel them

My shoulders hurt

The electricity burns my nerves

Those whom I hear behind

I know they do exist

Sweat makes me blind

Unable to react

Only darkness round me



I hear your coward walk


Is it not what you want? I wait for the first bite, grind and choke


To feel the rest of the horde rip my entire skin

I wait for the first bite, grind and choke

Ignore the end, don't mind the fall

Those whom I hear behind

In close circles of desire and unknown expectation

Excited by blood stench and primal animal fear

Archaic excitement of murderous frenzy the warm breath of the best on my

tekst-pesni.com Neck

And movements on both sides

My own breath seems closer

Plastic film comes back on my face

Never wake me up

I drown in constant fear

Tear me into pieces inside

Heinous deceit

Nothing is over

They do exist

Those whom I hear behindПри копировании текста песни Benighted - Drowning обратная ссылка на эту страницу обязательнаВидеоклип на песню Benighted - Drowning

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