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Benighted - Shadows Descend

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Текст песни, слова, lyrics: Benighted - Shadows Descend
Behold the ridiculous marionette

Lost in the meanders of his pathetic existence

Trapped in medical chains against the decrepit wall of his mental health

Mummified by the leather of the belts embracing him

He tries to breathe the air of a time he cannot understand anymore


Nibbles himself with each inhalation

His life's solstice in stabbing mastication

tekst-pesni.com Shadows descend

They chew as the architects of his sickness

Back from a denied past

They wind in a threatening dance

All the familiar faces with their empty eyes

Chocked screams in abortion of the coming insane

Kill them all! Josef

Paints of the wounds color the skin

The shy brook of hemorrhage becomes a nile

A dreamlike travel without a return

Definitive sacrifice of realities without a curseПри копировании текста песни Benighted - Shadows Descend обратная ссылка на эту страницу обязательнаВидеоклип на песню Benighted - Shadows Descend

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