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Foundation - Anthem For Redemption

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Текст песни, слова, lyrics: Foundation - Anthem For Redemption
Life served me a verdict with an open hand. Full force across my face, then

Walked away.Please don't leave me in this dark place, cause I don't know how much

Longer I can fight back these tears or keep from driving my fists through

The walls I swear are closing in.Sentenced myself with the selfish things I say, promises I break, and the

Way I refuse to let anyone in. Please let me make my amends. I'll do

Anything. Anything.Just don't leave me in this dark place.

Begging, pleading, down on my knees, asking for redemption.


So dig in your nails as I push you away.Let me make my amends for always keeping you at arms length.

Let me apologize for every wrong I have yet to right.

You are the blood in my veins, my strength, so please don't leave me in

This dark place.Please give me just one more chance.

Just one more chance.

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