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Immortal Technique - Sign Of The Times

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Imagine the word of god without religious groupies

Imagine a savior born in a Mexican hoopty

Persecute a single mother in a modern manger

You crucify him again like a fucking stranger

Tears of the anger are worth more than diamonds or rubies

Imagine being locked up since juvi

Imagine changing your life and still going out like tookie

Imagine niggas talking shit when they never knew me

Imagine a movie that depicted the pain in your life like the kids in Afghanistan chasing a kite

For most of the world that's what it's like

Imagine if the woman your suppose to love for the rest of your life is set to marry someone else at the end of the night

They say you fight the greatest jihad in your heart and your mind and fight the hardest when you start from behind

So I dreamed the impossible all the time

Fuck a masonic design Americas future is mine repeat that to yourself cause if cultures a crime the numbers tatted on your arm aren't too far behind

It can only conquer you after they murdered your mind

So rise up motherfucker like the sign of the time

I feel my body weakening but my spirit is fine

Ready to go to war with devils at the drop of a dime and

Fight with my rebel army until the stars have aligned

Nostradamus was a white mans prophet who predicated European supremacist logic

Because the pilgrims and conquistadors columns killed more innocent people than Hitler and Stalin

I guess the fortune teller Christ [?]

Brother give this to the OG's doing life with you and

Pray for the problems with the popes psychology so the Vatican will offer an apology, for what?! for destroying the peoples liberation theology

Snatching the spirit of Jesus from people in poverty

Business decisions like keeping people in prisons but had the opposite effect incarcerating religion

That type of crooked politics imposed on a populous is obvious if you read the Northwood documents

Forget the compliments for what I recorded

And live the revolution instead of always dying for it

Remember a bullet can never stop me

My legions are led by the spirit Haile Selassie watch me

Even if I'm shot in the shakra I will prosper

Doppler effect bumping music out a helicopter

Tell them the Persians there comes the rasta [?]

And tell them I came back as the son of the Ahura Mazda

Fish out the Philistine dagon from the shores of Gaza

And call Quetzalcoatl flying over La Raza

This is a message to the older gods I'll sacrifice you all to the revolution like the roman?

Lost in the desert like the Hebrews of Israel

The blood clot system try to kill me like sickle cell

But I survived and alive to fight another day [?] coma?

I can still hear my mother pray

Sister crying out to god please let my brother stay

Walking towards the light but somethings pulling me the other way
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