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Redemption - Let It Rain

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A mirror held upon a life

As the minutes turn to hours

Hours blurring into days


To all the things left undone

To the words we were too afraid to say

As each passing second slips away

Let it rain

Wash away the poison

The stains of past misdeeds subside

Let the water bring life

In a world of second chances

No surrender to the plague inside

Asking just to start anew

Contemplating irony

A body fed with venom

Seeking life from death


Searching for the meaning

Can the lessons learned unburden the struggle

For one fortunate enough to have the chance

Fortunate enough to start again

The road unfolds before us all

But where it leads no one can see

So walk without regret and without fear

But never lose your empathy

I'm seeing what I can only hope

Is light ahead

I'm standing, with an ever-growing faith

That now is not my time

Oh let it rain

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