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Trey Songz - Most Important

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Now Shawty girl you like bail money

When I’m like down in the jail, honey

You set me free and I need that

The other half of me girl you be that

And girl I need for you to know this

See I’ma keep you warm in the coldest

Weather you can dream of

Baby you’re my dream love

The other couples trim us


Do you understand just what you are to me, girl

Baby you’re the air I breathe

Baby you’re my everything, so listen to me

I need you to survive, I can’t lie

Girl I won’t ride, without you by my side

The most important part of my life is you, girl

Now let me tell you what the deal is

See baby you that girl and you the realest

Girl it ain’t none of this new to you

You say you gotta go, I move with you

Everything I loose, if you leave I’ll be a damn shame

Cause girl what’s left for me it’s not a damn thang

And lady I want you to know that

I’m giving you my heart, so baby hold that


It’s like the bottom of the night …

And girl I’m trying to hit a home run

I’m in the game with you I’m trying to win it

And I refuse to be alone, yeah

And I ain’t never gonna let you go

Cause you’re the most important part of my life

Girl, do you know, whoa, do you understand

[Chorus] X 2
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